Scorpio EquestrianSteve Worker. Top class training, producing and livery of competition sports horses
Horse training, competition and livery bringing out the best in horse and rider
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Steve Worker is available to compete your horse in various disciplines from Show Jumping to Eventing, Dressage to Working Hunter classes. If you think your horse 'has a jump' get in touch!

Scorpio Equestrian - Oetelaar

Scorpio EquestrianFrom beginner to Horse of the Year Show final competitions, Steve can take your horse through the ranks to increase your horse’s mileage, experience, status and winnings. Whether owner, participant, rider or spectator you can get more pleasure and reward out of your horse with Steve training and competing him.

Steve can visit your own yard or produce your horse from a designated premises. Thus fees are not extortionate and you do not end up paying for the care and livery element twice!

- Bring out the X factor in your horse, improve his technique so that he is easier for you to ride in competitions & wins.

- Experience the thrill of qualification for the Horse of the Year Show finals and being part of the action.

- Copy-book stylish rounds in Working Hunter classes at County Shows are a trade mark and admirable to watch.

Scorpio Equestrian - Competition

- See coverage of your horse’s achievements in print.

- Make sure that your horse is tip-top fit for the job and see him compete for the nation.
Yvette James on Mon Petit Lapin
- Improve your flat work and success with help from Steve for your specialised discipline.

- Have your horse educated through the BSJA ranks and clock up winnings.

- See the horse you bred and nurtured from a foal go out and prove himself in fine style.

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‘Steve’s dedicated and effective approach has channeled my horse’s talents and meant that he has evolved to be a super competition horse for Steve to ride and a classy hunter for me… just what I wanted.’

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